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Hotel Management

Our goal is to produce measurable results in all areas of the operation. We rely on our depth of management experience, competitive market intelligence, industry relationships, and the advanced technological systems to continually improve results for our owners.

  • Consistent operations review
  • Property cleanliness and safety measures
  • Payroll analysis
  • Formal operations manual
  • Energy cost controls

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Hotel Development and Construction

Fairbrook Hotels has a track record of developing and constructing new build hotels from the ground up. We have completed a project from raw land to site plan to construction to opening a new hotel. Our ability to oversee the project from raw land to opening a new construction hotel project is critical to meeting the needs of franchisors, quality assurance for the guests, and for our owners to be proud of the project.

  • Successful construction of franchised hotels
  • Successfully competed franchise conversions
  • Competing and opening on a timely basis
  • Containing cost overruns
  • Renovation and reposition of existing hotels

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Sales & Marketing

We feel that the sales and Marketing is a critical component of any business, without revenue the business cannot exist. We implement a strategic plan to effectively use investment and personnel to ensure our efforts reflect measurable growth of new and repeat business.

  • Develop effective marketing plan
  • Weekly revenue meeting conference calls
  • Sales activity and production tracking via automated system
  • eCommerce marketing
  • Sales reporting and analysis

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Accounting and Financial

We use a centralized accounting system which collects and reports detailed financial data from all hotels on a real time basis which helps our executive make intelligent decisions on a day to day basis. It also helps us benchmark our costs with others in a similar environment to help make sure we are consistent with the market.

  • Monitor daily accounting reports
  • Timely reporting of financial information
  • Receivables management
  • Prepare monthly bank reconciliations

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Hotel Evalulations and feasibility

Fairbrook Hotels staff has a deep understanding of the hotel industry which can assist institutional investors and owners with the analysis of real estate portfolios. Our key personnel have years of industry experience with expertise in operations, business planning, demand analysis, creating budgets and franchise selection.

  • Detailed review of market and competition
  • Create budgets and pro-formas
  • Franchise selection
  • View from an owners viewpoint
  • Assist with financing a deal

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