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Creating Opportunities

Fairbrook Hotels’ tremendous success can be traced to its access to deal flow and sound project approach. Every step in the development process has close owner involvement, construction management expert oversight, and operations expert input programmed in it with one overarching philosophy: to create long term value for all of our key partnerships.

Through a strong network of partnerships, Fairbrook Hotels has unique access to a pipeline of deals throughout the United States. Be it new development or an acquisition opportunity, Fairbrook Hotels can quickly analyze a deal for its viability based on more than 25 years of experience.

Analyzing Risks

After an opportunity passes the initial test, the Fairbrook Hotels development team initiates a thorough study of the subject market, gathering all essential data to form a profile of the market. All data runs through our internal analysis models to confirm a project’s viability. Complimented by a third party feasibility study, the development team takes all conclusions of analysis to identify the brand, design features, and amenities unmet in the potential market.

Delivering Quality

The layers of quality control are multi-fold beginning with an owner review process to ensure a comprehensive, cost efficient building design. Design input from key management personnel ensures that cost savings continue from construction to the day that the asset is handed over to the management team.